Tuesday, April 29, 2014


A while ago a coworker asked if I would like to participate in a fundraiser for her children's school.  I ended up creating a charm type bracelet with different colored Czech glass flowers and other spring type charms (a birdhouse, a bee and a ladybug).  The earrings had a flower and a small bird charm.  But, dummy me, I didn't get pictures.

What I got instead was another order for a charm type bracelet and earrings from another coworker.  She asked, if instead of flowers and charms, I could make the bracelet with different shades of purple beads.  This time I did get pictures.

I hope that Staci likes this set when she sees it.  If, however, she doesn't, I will be keeping this set and starting over.  I really love these pieces. I may have to make more of these in different colors and see how they sell.

Happy Creating... LISA

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