Tuesday, April 29, 2014


A while ago a coworker asked if I would like to participate in a fundraiser for her children's school.  I ended up creating a charm type bracelet with different colored Czech glass flowers and other spring type charms (a birdhouse, a bee and a ladybug).  The earrings had a flower and a small bird charm.  But, dummy me, I didn't get pictures.

What I got instead was another order for a charm type bracelet and earrings from another coworker.  She asked, if instead of flowers and charms, I could make the bracelet with different shades of purple beads.  This time I did get pictures.

I hope that Staci likes this set when she sees it.  If, however, she doesn't, I will be keeping this set and starting over.  I really love these pieces. I may have to make more of these in different colors and see how they sell.

Happy Creating... LISA

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Finally, I found it...

I have been searching for my micro SD card adapter ever since I received my Bead Soup ingredients from my partner, Linda.  I finally found it! Of course, I found it somewhere where I had already looked, but at least I found it.  By the way, who's idea was it to create a micro SD card, anyway?  What a dumb idea.

Anyway, I now have the ability to reveal the ingredients that I received from Linda and show you what I sent to her.  My apologies to Linda for taking so long to get this on the blog.  When Linda and I got to talking we found that we had a lot in common, and we spent quite a while discussing selling jewelry, the old online vs. craft shows discussion.  Linda does both, and was nice enough to give me her thoughts.  I'm still in the research and trying to make up my mind phase, so her advice was very helpful.

First, let me show you what I sent to Linda. This is the focal that I sent. Ohhhhh, how I wanted to keep this for myself, but I bought it for the Bead Soup Party, so I sent it.  I'm such a good girl.  I bought this little beauty from Shaterra Clay Studio.

And I've had this clasp for a long time, but it goes so well with the focal, so I included it also.  I bought a few of them from Cassie Donlen, and I love them.  Plus, it gave me a chance to challenge Linda a little because I know she doesn't work with copper a whole lot.

All the rest of the beads are from the stash or should I say hoard.

We have purple, green, brown and copper.  Primarily I work with Czech glass, and that is what I sent. I have to say I would love to have this sent to me, so I think that I did okay.  According to Linda, she loved it too.

Now, on to what Linda sent to me.  I have to add a disclaimer here.  About a week after I received my soup ingredients, Linda sent me more to add to what she had already sent.  I don't have a picture of the additional ingredients and I have already made something with them, so they will be seen on May 3rd, when we do the big reveal.  Here is what I first received.

There are some Czech glass and the focal is a set of three handmade discs grouped together.  There are other handmade beads and glass rounds. There are also silver rounds and the clasp is also silver.  The colors are challenging, but I love everything that I have made so far.  I like to try to use everything that I am sent when I participate in the Bead Soup Party, so I have few more pieces I could be making.  We'll see how I do.

Thanks for stopping by and happy creating.