Monday, February 12, 2018

And away she goes...

Can you guess what it is?  I sent my bead selection off to my partner in the swap and hop being hosted by Linda Anderson of Cherry On Top Design Co..  I really hope that Terry over at Tapping Flamingo is happy and challenged by what I selected.  I chose a focal from an artist that I love and the rest of the beads came from my own stash. Whenever I've done these swap and hops, I always look at what I put together for my partner and think, why didn't you ever put this stuff together and make something with it yourself. I guess that's when you know you've made good choices about what to send to your partner.  When you can see the possibilities and want to keep it for yourself, it's time to send it on to your partner.

I think Terry is really going to be challenged by the color palette that I went with, but I know she is up for it.  Hopefully she will find it a fun, carefree and springy combination.  I better not say anything more than that.  Now I just have to wait on pins and needles for my package to arrive from Terry.

Tomorrow it's back to work for me, so always remember...




  1. I had a lot of fun creating with all the beautiful stuff you sent! Can't wait for you to see it at the reveal tomorrow!!! :)

  2. I particularly like your peach collection. All very beachy and pretty pieces. Well done!